Evaluation Assurance Level: Implications of Assurance Levels:

Introduction Of Evaluation Assurance Level

Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) is like a security grade for technology products and systems. It tells us how safe and trustworthy they are. Imagine it’s like giving a score to how well a lock keeps things secure. EAL uses levels from 1 to 7. Level 1 is like basic security checks, while Level 7 is like the highest level of protection. It’s like grading from “just starting” to “super strong. “Each level has rules for testing and checking security features. It’s like making sure the lock has all the right parts and works well. EAL helps governments, organizations, and buyers choose tech stuff that’s safe. Read more…

Evaluation Assurance Level 1: Functionally Tested:

EAL1 is like the first step in the security ladder for technology products. It’s about making sure that the basic security features work. Think of it like a simple lock on a door. At EAL1, they check if the lock can open and close properly. They make sure it does its basic job. Products with Evaluation Assurance Level 1 have had some testing to show that they have the basics covered. It’s like giving a stamp of approval for basic security. While EAL1 is the starting point, it’s like having a lock that does the basic job of keeping things locked. As you go up the EAL ladder, you’ll find more advanced security measure


Evaluation Assurance Level 2: Structurally Tested : 

At Evaluation Assurance Level 2, it’s like adding more to the lock. They check if the lock’s parts are put together properly and if it’s harder to pick. Think of it as making sure the lock has strong screws and better construction. It’s like improving the lock’s structure. EAL2 is a step up from EAL1. It’s like having a lock that’s not just basic, but also better built for security. So, EAL2 means they’ve looked at how the lock is built to make sure it’s stronger and more secure.


Evaluation Assurance Level 3: Methodically Tested and Checked:

At Evaluation Assurance Level 3, they’re serious about making the lock tougher. They test and check it with more care, like making sure all the parts fit perfectly. Think of it as examining each piece of the lock carefully. They want to make sure it’s not easy to break. EAL3 is like having a lock that’s not just strong, but also well-tested. It’s an extra layer of security. So, EAL3 means they’ve methodically tested and checked the lock to ensure it’s reliable and harder to bypass.


 Evaluation Assurance Level


Evaluation Assurance Level 4: Methodically Designed, Tested and Reviewed:

EAL4 is like creating a lock that’s really smart. They plan it out, test it, and have others review it to make sure it’s super secure. Think of it as building a lock with a smart strategy. They design it carefully, try it out, and then get others to double-check their work. EAL4 is a higher level, like having a lock that’s not just strong, but also well thought out and checked by experts. So, at EAL4, they’ve designed, tested, and reviewed the lock to make sure it’s smart and secure from all angles.

Evaluation Assurance Level 5: Semi formally Designed and Tested:

EAL5 is like making the lock even smarter. They design it using special methods, test it, and make sure it’s super tough to crack. Think of it as creating a lock with a detailed plan. They use special techniques to design it and then put it through tough tests. EAL5 is a higher level, like having a lock that’s not just strong, but also designed with advanced strategies. So, at EAL5, they’ve created a lock with careful planning, special methods, and strong testing to ensure it’s really smart and secure.

Evaluation Assurance Level 6: Semi Formally Verified Design and Tested:

EAL6 is like having a lock that’s super secure and double-checked. They design it smartly, use special methods to verify it, and put it through intense testing. Think of it as creating a lock that’s almost like a puzzle. They make sure each piece fits perfectly, and then they test it hard. EAL6 is a higher level, like having a lock that’s not only super strong but also carefully checked by experts. So, at EAL6, they’ve designed a lock with extra attention, used special methods to verify its design, and tested it thoroughly to make sure it’s incredibly secure.

Implications of Assurance Levels:

  • Assurance levels are like security labels for tech products. They tell us how strong a product’s security is.
  • Higher levels (like 6 and 7) mean stronger security, like a super lock. Lower levels (like 1 and 2) mean basic security, like a simple lock.
  • Choosing higher levels means better protection, but it can also mean more complexity and cost.
  • Assurance levels help us pick products that match our security needs, like finding the right lock for our stuff.

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