Top 10 Happy Birthday Flowers to Make Their Day Special

Birthdays mark the day of a new life filled with joy and happiness, and so there is no better way to transmit warm wishes than through a bouquet of vibrant and meaningful flowers. One of the things that make flowers unique is the fact that they are able to depict emotions, which means flowers on a birthday have all it takes to make someone feel special. The below section discusses the top 10 happy birthday flowers guaranteed to lighten up one’s face and bring them endless smiles.

Happy Birthday Flowers


Roses have traditionally been a symbol of love and passion; thus, they are suitable for expressing one’s feelings on birthdays. Try to specify a mix of colors, so as to represent the different aspects of your relationship – from red for love and yellow for friendship. Roses are not only attractive but also staid, hence making them the best option in case of a birthday gift.


The more sunflowers, the better, and this is what happiness means. These flowers have bright yellow petals with a big cheerful bloom, a sun reminder that lightens the mood of a person who receives it. Sunflowers bring positivity to the life of an individual and, therefore, serve as ideal happy birthday flowers to cheer someone and wish them a year full of happiness.


Lilies are synonymous with class, grace and formidable presence. Lilies come in different colors, and each of them symbolizes a particular emotion; the message these flowers convey is one of refinement and innocence. Go for pure white lilies if you wish to symbolize purity or offer vibrant pink lilies to add a bit of mischief. Depending on which you decide to go for, lilies are a beautiful bunch of flowers that will make an impactful birthday bouquet.


Daisies symbolize purity and happiness, making them an excellent selection for happy birthday flowers in bundles. Daisies’ simplicity but intrinsically enchanting outward look passes a message of unearthly purity and happiness. Arrange the mixture of various shades of daisies to have an exciting and bright arrangement that echoes the festive ambience surrounding the birthday.


Tulips are elegant and have a strong symbolism. They are widely known to signify a new start and thus the perfect choice for sending out a wish of a fantastic year awaiting one full of fresh opportunities as well as sound changes. Tulips are available in different colors, which symbolize other sentiments, thus making them a great alternative if one wants to get someone an assortment of happy birthday flowers.


Carnations have a long shelf life, as well as the capacity to express solid feelings or reveal something someone is thinking through the carnation. Send over red carnations to show love and appreciation, or combine them with other flowers for a bouquet which represents all kinds of feelings. Not only are the flowers visually attractive, but they also have a sweet smell, which brings an even greater level of delight to the celebration.


To add a flavor of class and exoticism to the occasion, orchids are most suitable for birthday celebrations. Orchids represent passion, beauty, and finesse – this sets them apart from other popular flowers given as gifts. Using orchids — with their complicated petals and many different shades to choose from— one can leave her statement about the uniqueness of the birthday person’s image.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies, famous for their colorful large blooms ranging from bright yellow to dark red among a myriad of shades in between, are certainly a pleasant selection to use on any online birthday bouquet. These sunny flowers represent innocence, purity, and beauty – and are the ideal choice for those wishing to send birthday messages overseas. By making use of the convenient flower delivery online service, it would be most easy if one could easily gift the powerful colors used from gerbera daisies that give nothing more than effort – bursts of joy and energy at the celebration depicting feelings even when you cannot reach out in person.


Chrysanthemums are sometimes known as mums or the flowers of happiness and longevity. These flowers are found in various colors where each color depicts some meaning. Selecting colors, such as yellow or orange, conveys a sense of joy and happiness. The chrysanthemums are not only aesthetically beautiful and appealing, but their metaphoric symbolism also brings good tidings regarding the future of the birthday person.


Not only are peonies stunningly beautiful, but they are also a sign of escalating riches and good fortune. When gifting someone peonies on their birthday, one is conveying wishes for a life that is always filled with wealth and happiness. These flowers are just so heavenly on a birth date, with their full, blossoming peonies making for an indulgent and distinguished gift that will be savored for years to come.

Picking the ideal birthday bouquet is more than about choosing a gorgeous arrangement. Each flower also has its meaning and symbolism, which enables you to convey certain emotions and wishes to the next birthday person. Whether there is a love that lasts forever in the form of roses, a spirit as spectacular as sunflowers, or an exotic kind of elegance called the orchids, for any personality and emotion, every flower has its significance. Therefore, the next time you want to make someone’s birthday truly memorable, consider selecting a specific flower that will not only depict their personality but also align in harmony with your thoughts.

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