How to Avoid Common Mistakes During an MOT Test?

MOT Test

The annual MOT test is rapidly approaching as the pages of the calendar continue to turn. But don’t worry; we’ll be there to help you through this frightening experience and bring you out on the other side uninjured and victorious. When it’s time for your vehicle’s annual checkup, make sure to schedule a visit to one of the trusted class 7 mot centres in your area.

Avoiding Common Mistakes During MOT Test

Rolling in Preparedness: 

Imagine: fingers crossed, you’re at the testing facility and hoping for the best. But wait a minute! That’s a tragedy waiting to happen. Before you even step foot in that testing facility, you should thoroughly inspect your vehicle. We’re discussing inspecting your lights, brakes, tires, and everything else.

Clean Up Your Act

First impressions are important, and your trusted car is no exception. Before you enter that testing bay, give your engine a nice scrub down. Consider it like a date: you wouldn’t turn up disheveled and expect a good ending, would you? A clean and bright car looks good and shows that you care about its well-being. Furthermore, the inspector will not have to wade through a sea of dust to inspect your engine’s nooks and crannies.

Gremlins in the Engine Bay:

They’re like those annoying gremlins who refuse to leave. You might be tempted to cover them with black tape, but trust us when we say that won’t work. These lights are how your car communicates with you. Ignoring them is equivalent to pretending your cat isn’t knocking down vases – it won’t end well. Get your car to a garage as soon as possible and have those concerns resolved before the MOT. 

Don’t Let Exhaust Woes Gas You Out

If your engine sounds like a cranky grandpa, coughing, and sputtering, you have an exhaust problem. We’re not saying your car needs a cough drop, but making too much noise during the test could land you in hot water. Fix that exhaust, and your bike will be purring like a happy kitty in no time.

Tyre Follies: Tread Carefully

Pay close attention! What are those rubbery things that keep your car off the ground? Your tires, to be precise. If the tread on those babies isn’t in good shape, you’re in big trouble. Balding tires are strictly prohibited. It’s like trying to dance on a slick floor while wearing roller skates. Give your tires the attention they deserve; check the pressure and ensure the tread has some life left. You’ll thank us later when your engine passes the test with flying colors. If you’re driving a van or a goods vehicle, it’s essential to find class 7 mot centres that specialize in these types of vehicles.


It’s time to hit the brakes, my friends. Those screeching, groaning brakes may give your neighbors a headache, but they will not be music to the ears of the examiner. Consider your brakes to be the unsung heroes of road safety; they, too, need some love. If your brakes are screaming for attention, fix them before the MOT. You’ll be braking smoothly, and your inspector will be amazed by the harmonious symphony of your car.

Paper Trails: 

Let’s get down to business, shall we? It’s not just about revving and shouting; your papers must also be in order. Your car may be a speed demon, but you’re headed straight for a speed trap if your documents are strewn around. Your V5C certificate, service history, and previous MOT certificates are your golden tickets. Prepare them beforehand, and you’ll be well on your way to success.

Light it Up:

Action, action, action! The lighting system in your car is more significant than you might believe. Dim lights? No, not the mood lighting you require. Faulty lights are as dangerous as negotiating a dark alley without a torch. Examine your headlights, indicators, and rear lights. If any of them are absent, replace them before the test. Your excellent preparation will brighten the day of the examiner.

Suspension Woes:

Let’s start with suspension, the unsung hero that maintains your ride as smooth as butter. If your automobile bounces like a kangaroo on a trampoline, you have suspension problems. Don’t overlook those rough rides; have your suspension inspected and repaired by a professional. Your automobile will be hugging the road, and you’ll go confidently into class 7 mot centres.

Fuel it Right: Tank Up for Triumph

Fuel is your car’s lifeblood! You wouldn’t run a marathon if you were hungry, would you? Your car, on the other hand, is entitled to the same politeness. A low fuel level may not disqualify your car, but it is the equivalent of showing up to a race with a growling stomach – not the ideal tactic. If you fill up before the exam, your car will be set to go, ready to show off its skills.

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